When do I need to conduct a Heritage Impact Assessment?

Section 38 of the National Heritage Resources Act (NHRA) sets out the following criteria:

  • the construction of a road, wall, powerline, pipeline, canal or other similar form of linear development or barrier exceeding 300m in length
  • the construction of a bridge or similar structure exceeding 50m in length
  • any development or other activity which will change the character of a site -
    • exceeding 5 000m2 in extent; or
    • involving three or more existing erven or subdivisions thereof; or
    • involving three or more erven or divisions thereof which have been consolidated within the past five years; or
    • the costs of which will exceed a sum set in terms of regulations by SAHRA or a provincial heritage resources authority
  • the re-zoning of a site exceeding 10 000 m2 in extent; or
  • any other category of development provided for in regulations by SAHRA or a provincial heritage resources authority

If any of these apply the Act states that you 'must at the very earliest stages of initiating such a development, notify the responsible heritage resources authority and furnish it with details regarding the location, nature and extent of the proposed development.' The heritage resources authority will then advise whether an impact assessment report is required.

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