18 Tenth Street Orange Grove

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Semi-detached single storey buildings with central gable and stoeps on either sides. In 1933 Mrs A.B. Kramer commissioned the architect Frank Lawson to design a number of semi-detached cottages along the southern side of Tenth Street right next to Paterson Park North. The design layout for all houses was identical and consisted of a main triangular gable centrally located and stairs leading to a stoep on either side of the building. The two bedroom cottages were simple but functional designed to accommodate a small family. The series of central triangular gables along the southern side of Tenth Street creates a cohesion of Street architecture and well balanced streetscape in a residential area. [Grouping of 8, 12, 14, 18, 20 Tenth Street]
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A.B. Kramer
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Not Declared
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