Endstead Parktown

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Small-scale home of bachelor architect Ernest Wilmot Sloper, Herbert Baker’s first partner in Johannesburg, and the man with the patience to train stonemasons to hammer dress stone Valuation rolls for the property reflect the following owners: From 1904 E W Sloper, 1919 Mrs K Alers-Hankey, wife of Humphrey Alers-Hankey, from 1928 Mrs M A Barclay, wife of John Buchanan Stuart Barclay. From 1934 until 1964 the house belonged to first R R Fraay and then R K Fraay, from 1967 until after 1987 Mrs G Bentel
Original Owner: 
SLOPER Ernest Willmott
Architectural Firm: 
Capturer Notes: 
9 January 2016 (James Ball): The Johannesburg Heritage Foundation's table of listings (revised 2016) states that Endstead is a Provincial Heritage Site. This is contradicted by the City of Joburg's list of heritage sites (Endstead does not appear). I have gone with the City's list.
Declaration Status: 
Not Declared
Blue Plaque: 
Construction Date - Completion: