Rating Groups

Johannesburg Heritage Foundation

The Johannesburg Heritage Foundation has been grading sites for many years. It is one of the founder organisations of The Heritage Register. The Foundation is well known for its tours across the city as well as its ongoing preservation work. It funds its own research centre which is a priceless asset to the City.

Egoli Heritage Foundation

The Egoli Heritage Foundation formed as a result of the merger of three iconic Johannesburg Heritage Organisations: the Johannesburg Branch of the Simon van der Stel Association (now the Heritage Association of South Africa), the Johannesburg Historical Foundation and the Sandton Historical Society. It is a founder member of The Heritage Register.

Sandton Heritage Society

The Sandton Heritage Society is a volunteer body working to preserve and promote the built environment heritage of Sandton. The Society uses the same rating system as the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation. Email: jamesball01@gmail.com