Satyagraha House Orchards

Originally known as the The Kraal, this home was built by the architect Herman Kallenbach. From 1908-1909, Kallenbach lived here with his friend, Mohandas Gandhi. During these years Gandhi deepened his philosophy of non-violent struggle, called Satyagraha. Turning away from a life of wealth and comfort, both men embraced ideals of simple living, self discipline and manual labour. (Blue plaque) The Kraal which was designed and built by Hermann Kallenbach in 1907 is located in close proximity to Louis Botha Avenue in Orchards. It is a single storey residence which consists of two rondavel buildings with thatched roofing and is connected with a communal rectangular shaped dining room. Now used as a museum and guest house it was originally intended to be the home for Kallenbach and his close friend Mohandas Gandhi who lived here from 1908 to 1909. (Tsica Heritage Consultants)
Alternative Name: 
The Kraal
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Original Owner: 
Herman Kallenbach
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Not Declared
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